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works to become a beacon of light in the sphere of African world community studies and research, grounded in a trans-disciplinary open access scholarly peer-reviewed construct, simultaneously cognizant of the multilingualism of our audience, and the importance of universal access in cyberspace; regardless of geography, economic, social or cultural diversity.  

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JPAS Receives NCBS Award: Editor Acknowledged as Lifetime Member

JPAS is the 2011 winner of the 'Fannie Lou Hamer & Kwame Nkrumah Award' for outstanding academic leadership and service in the African world by the National Council for Black Studies ( at its 35th annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio held March 16-19, 20011. JPAS senior editor Itibari M. Zulu was also acknowledged as a lifetime member of the National Council for Black Studies at the conference.



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The Journal of Pan African Studies is a trans-disciplinary on-line peer reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the intellectual synthesis of research, scholarship and critical thought on the African experience around the world. Since our inception in 1987, we have provided an international forum for diverse scholars to advance a host of perspectives and theoretical paradigms relevant to the social, political, economic and cultural issues that impact the African world community. Thus, the goal of the journal is to build a transnational community of scholars, theorists and practitioners who can ask questions and pose solutions to contemporary and historical issues, based upon an affirmative African centered logic and discourse of liberation.

The complexity and dynamism of the African global community warrant discussion and multifaceted engagement, hence, this journal represents a resource for informed minds to address the challenges facing the African world. We welcome your participation in this process, thus contribute an article, or simply inform your colleagues of our presence.
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Itibari M. Zulu, Th.D.
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The Journal of Pan African Studies
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The Speaker's Bureau is a service designed to present a host of perspectives on the African experience in the U.S. and around the world to audiences at college, universities and community-based organizations.
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Call for Papers:

New contributions are welcomed, see the 'Submission' section for details. 


Call for Papers
People of African Descent in Healthcare and Public Health

The Journal of Pan African Studies (JPAS) will host a Special Issue on people of African descent in Healthcare and Public Health throughout the world. Over the past six decades, the healthcare industry as well as numerous public health organizations and agencies have expanded their treatment, consultation, and service to people of African people descent. The aim of the issue is to document recent changes in which this population has experienced in regards to healthcare, the healthcare industry, and general public health. The issue will be edited by Eric R. Jackson, JPAS editorial member, Jacqueline Smith, Department of Counseling, Social Work, and Leadership, Northern Kentucky University, and Colene Y. Daniel, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar.


The topics sought for this special issue include (but are not limited to):

  • healthcare disparities
  • lifestyle behaviors
  • the impact of social environment
  • access to preventative healthcare services
  • the impact of various socio-economic factors
  • the impact President Obama’s health initiatives
  • family health
  • premature death
  • women’s health


All submitted articles should have: an introduction, literature review, a methodological construct, results, discussion, conclusions, and suggested steps for further research that can intellectually engage scholars, students and others with interest in the topic of the special issue, people of African descent in Healthcare and Public Health. For specific guidelines for manuscript submission (all content will be peer reviewed), see:

Response to this call by the submission of your abstract by June 2014, and you complete article by October 2014. Submissions must be sent to: Eric R. Jackson (

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